If this hasn’t happened to you, it will. Patching a bicycle tire is really easy, given that you have the tools with you and will avoid the horrible walk of shame with a punctured tire.

Operated by a twist shifter the Rohloff Speedhub 14 gears are hidden from external conditions and require little to no maintenance making it perfect to ride trough the winter.

Designed for off road and 24h endurance racing the E3 Triple light features 3 bright LEDs, a stand light of 12 minutes and is powered by a hub dynamo so you’ll never run out of juice.

Supernova Lights

Since the climate won’t adjust to us fast enough we have to adjust to it, cold days and ice aren’t excuses for not to bike, the Finnish Nokian studded tires will keep you from falling.

Suomi Tyres | via Amazon

The SolarCab hybrid from SolarLab was developed as a response to the pollution and congestion of London. It gets 80% of its power form the photovoltaics on its roof.

Available in all the colors of rainbow from bead to bead the Gran Compe open tubulars come straight from Japan, featuring Kevlar beads and will brighten your bicycle.

Dia Compe | via Amazon

Upright and recumbent in one, the Zweistil, designed by Daniel Knüpfer and Stefan Wallmann for their diploma thesis, has a variable frame which can transform on the go.

Propelled by gravity Eric Barone set the speed record on a mountain bike, by descending a volcano, reaching 209km/h before the bike gave up and broke sending him flying.

Straight from 1970 the old school bike speedometer will make the retrometer explode! It fits 26-27″ wheels, is attached with a cable to the front wheel and of course no batteries.

Ben Wilson was commissioned by Walk the Plank to create a mobile work of art and he made this four-wheeled recumbent cycle inspired by a child’s wooden toy car.

Bern Watts carbon fiber helmet features EPS breathable, waterproof, foam protection and a sweet optional winter padding with integrated high fidelity audio system.

Using 5 bright LEDs to light up the road the NiteRider bike light has an excellent run time of 40 to 90 hours depending of how used. Featuring clear sides for a 180 degree view.

Wiggle | via Amazon

Often the argument to not use a bicycle is that it makes your cloths dirty, the Outlier Khaki OG pants breathe, stretch, wick and repel rain, road grime and most importantly look good.

Outlier | via The Awesomer

Using oversized tubing (according to bike standards) Italian designers Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi from Dovetusai studios built this rather square and very glossy fixed gear.

The Acorn roll bag mounts behind the saddle and keeps your tubes and tools away from pockets. Featuring water resistant materials, three pockets and leather mounting straps.

Linear turbulence at any speed the Thundervolt M1 is fast: incredibly narrow, low and streamlined if only there was a way to make your legs more aerodynamic.


How to make an easy 500% deal using a little bit of ingenuity and writing skills? These guys buy an old, ordinary, BMX, make some changes and sell it with some added creativity.

Thomas Neeser redesigned some bicycles for his diploma project, we’re always happy to see unconventional and original concepts that actually work. He even sells them.

Fretsche | via Copenhagenize

The Twike is a fully enclosed, battery and pedal hybrid that takes 2 cyclists in a recumbent position. Featuring central steering, top speed of 85km/h and a range of 200km.


Incredible smooth design, the Dutchess city bike, designed by Wytze van Mansum, is a beauty. Featuring integrated locking system, rear light and enclosed chain.

Adapting pedal power to a car seems an interesting idea, but practically it has some drawbacks: you have to be as many as you can to have as much power as possible and it’s illegal.

The iPhone can replace a high end bicycle computer, but without any means of fixing it’s useless, the GoRide mounts solidly the iPhone horizontally or vertically on your ride.

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