The city of Copenhagen launched a design competition for a new bike share system for Copenhagen. The winner pocketed €33K and they got some very creative ideas.

Keep one of these handy with a puncture repair kit and you’ll be unstoppable. The Poco bicycle pump features forged alloy lock lever, CNC machined head and a bamboo handle.

Nature, being unpredictable, makes every bamboo tree different, hence every Masuelli bamboo bike is unique, but even if it grows fast they have a two month waiting line.

Masuelli | via Cyclelicious

Annabelle and Dave set the 17th November on a trip around the world by bicycle. Updating regularly their blog with events and pictures. It’s a wonderful idea to share their experience.

One of the most polluting countries is taking small steps to a greener and healthier way of transport. In 2009 transport by bicycle increased 26% in NYC (and the year before 35%).

Originally a bicycle recycling project Velo-Re now makes belts out of old discarded bicycle tires. You can even send your own tires to them if you want to wear your own tires.


Safety first, comfort a close second, the Endura luminite cycling jacket features a LED light strip inside the rear of the jacket, also it’s seam sealed, breathable and waterproof.

Cytronex cleverly disguised the batteries as a water bottle making it the lightest electric assisting bicycle system in the world, potentially adaptable to any bicycle.


If you want something done right, do it yourself. NYC bicycle activists paint 14 blocks of bike lane so that they could ride as safely as possible. The only problem is that it’s illegal.

A truly inspirational person, Tim Cope has traveled 14 months on his recumbent bicycle passing by Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China while getting to know local people.

Continuously in production since 1989, the Timbuk2 makes customizable messenger bags. Choose your size, colors and fabrics on the three panels of the bag to make it truly yours.


The Cranklock system aims to make your cornering faster and more stable by allowing you to shift your weight towards the inside of the curb and lowering your center of gravity.

A recumbent with an almost upright rider position the German atl-Klassik offers a very comfortable ride with full suspension and plenty of cargo space thanks to the indirect steering.

Unlike most solar panels on bike projects the Sunny Day, by Larry Chen, has a double function for it: power for electrical assist and fairing once on move for added efficiency.

This short video is a compilation of somebody going around Amsterdam and ringing all the bicycle bells he finds, quirky, cute and very heartwarming project.

We’ve already shown you a couple of iPhone bike mounts, now Dahon made a waterproof one so you can use it in any weather and even take videos of you have the 3GS model.

Dahon | via Bike Rumor

With a range of 150km the hydrogen and pedal powered Cargobike by HyChain is one way of introducing water power to the general public. No operating costs or license required.

Don’t be fooled, it’s just a name, but they can be used to cycle all year round… like any bicycle. At Winter Bicycles they make custom rides to your size and demands.

This short video explains how the bicycle messengers work, how they are paid and what it really consists of. Speed is one of the main factors and it’s what makes this job dangerous.

Strapping your feet is always a good idea on a bicycle, if you like wearing boots or have platform pedals you might consider the Power Grips straps that allow over sized shoes.

Power Grips

Need to haul a lot of stuff comfortably? The TerraCycle Cargo Monster is a three wheeled recumbent. It’s basically an Xtracycle hooked to a recumbent at a very affordable price.

The track speed record on a human powered vehicle is held by Damjan Zabovnik with his Eivie II, he pedaled backwards in a recumbent position at an astonishing 107.2km/h.

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