From formula 1 engineers Factor 001 is built with no respect for rules or restrictions, featuring carbon-ceramic brakes and an LCD touch-screen that displays biometrics.

Bicycles aren’t very protective weather wise; this ragtop is a one-size-fits-all roof for recumbent bicycles that can also be fitted to trikes and under or over seat steering recumbents.

Designed to be very narrow for easy docking, this electric bike concept by Yuji Fujimura features an internal charging station for electrical devices like cellphones and laptops.

By using a line and a ball Allay saddles explain a lot: instead of taking shocks or letting it completely loose you can opt to gently damp it… we’re talking about the crotch.

Featuring a lithium-ion battery, automatic stepless gear transmission, belt drive and integrated lights, the Nishiki is unfortunately only a stylish concept by Fredrik Rudenstam.

Martin Angelov came up with this interesting concept of elevating bicycle paths above the traffic with guiding rails and connect paths otherwise impossible to reach.

The city of Copenhagen is the first to put up railings for bicyclists at intersections so that they could rest their foot on it while waiting for the traffic to pass.

There has been virtual concepts, but none built; this is for real, no spokes whatsoever. The hollow space left by the spokes could be used for storage instead of a rack.

BikeDynamics gives a great summary about how to position yourself on a bicycle. It’s important to be well seated to get the most of your ride and avoid back aches and sores.

Designed with a central cut-out, the high quality Brooks Imperial saddle will prevent perineal pressure and will adapt to your ass like to was built for it. Also available for ladies.

If you often cruise in windy areas you might consider wind power to propel yourself. The Whike is a sail mounted on a recumbent tricycle that can get you up to 50km/h.

Building and then racing, that’s what the Oregon manifest constructor’s design challenge is all about. 29 entries, 77 miles of on-and-off road product testing and one winner.

We feel dirty to advertise such idiocy, but it exists and must be dealt with. Motorists in Budapest are against a new bicycle lane on one of the main streets and spit out pure illogicality.

Two robbers on a scooter were making a getaway after stealing a purse, a man saw what happened and threw his bicycle when they passed by, epic failing ensued.

The Spoke jeans, by Osloh, are specifically made for bicycle commuting, featuring internal seat lining and leg adjustment straps on chain side leg to keep them clean.


Turn your iPhone into a high end bicycle computer that gives you feedback on your performance: Pedal Brain does that using various sensors and syncs the data to your computer.

Pedal Brain | via The Awesomer

Packed with features the Copenhagen wheel, developed at MIT, does not only provide electrical assist, but senses speed and keeps track of your fitness goals via your iPhone.

Keeping your face and mustache warm during your commute while allowing you to breathe, the beard head comes in different colors, styles, with add-on mustaches.

The winner of the international design competition for a new bike shed the Cyclehoop uses already available posts turning them to bicycle parking spaces all across the UK.

Specially made for commuters the PathFinder is a wired or wireless bicycle computer that features an integrated 3 LED light so you won’t have to carry both all the time.


The 24 Carat golden bicycle features 600 Swarovski crystals and will empty your wallet. You don’t get any gears, using it will get it stolen and it’s heavy as a rock, but it’s shiny.

Aurumania | via Candy Cranks

Usually a folding mechanism takes a toll on other features, but the Halfway unfolds in 12 seconds and takes very little space, featuring 7 speeds, fenders and a rear rack.

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