With all its advantages a recumbent bi/tricycle has quite a large footprint and is not very portable, well not anymore: the Azub folding recumbent concept folds in 4 minutes.

Azub | via Bent Blog

A mesmerizing 9 minute high definition video of mountain biking from a chest mounted camera, in Annadel state park in California, with GoPro chest harness.

We all ride fixies, as long as you never, ever change gears. That must be clear though, even a steep hill isn’t an excuse, if you want to be a hipster no gears for you.

The Emcycle is an enclosed electric hybrid featuring an aerodynamic body to improve its range and protect from weather, a top speed of 60km/h and a 60km assisted range.

The increase of soft mobility has pushed the car industry to join the bicycle movement: the Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept has a very futuristic look and electric shifting gears.

The OnBike removes everything that can be removed while retaining full bicycle functionality, disk brakes, internal gears and cabling and a single sided fork. Limited to 250.


Fear of the day: NYPD have been busy removing bicycles, without notification or information where they could be retrieved, in fear that one could contain a pipe bomb.

Beautifully machined ultra narrow handlebars with knurled grips, the street rods can be disassembled via simple bolts and come in various colors.

The Scott SUB 35 Nexus is a sleek, high performance urban/road bicycle featuring the Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gear and optional assorted mudguards and rack.

Volkswagen demonstrated their “Bik.e” electric, folding bicycle at the Auto China 2010 in Beijing. Really tiny footprint and they seem to be serious about producing it.

From the same people that brought you the colored Session 700 tires come the fresh BMX and Track grips. Featuring the same colors and diamond tread pattern as the tires.

What to do when you need to haul stuff and a rack doesn’t cut it? The city bicycle trailer folds flat when not in use, weighs 5.5kg and carries 45kg in a 70liter weatherproof bag.

If you’ve always wondered what a bicycle with car wheels would look/handle like, look no further: the Kitten weighs nearly 100kg and features 7 speeds and a foot brake.

Dutch students set the record for the world’s longest bicycle. At 28 meters it has to be operated by 2 people, one for steering in the front and one pedaling in the back.

To show the fuel consumption of your bicycle the infinity MPG T-shirt carries to message quite well, also as Threadless celebrates its 10th anniversary, everything goes for $10.

To express your utter love of bicycling or just to have some spare parts the bicycle chain bracelet comes in red and blue, and if you don’t like it you get a quite fair 114% refund!

A real head turner, the Cyclone is has an unorthodox, hand crafted, stainless steel frame without a seat tube that gives it a very sporty look and absorbs shocks to a certain extent.

The Tagun is one mean touring machine: very simplistic frame construction for maximum reliability, featuring rear wheel air suspension and an optional huge pannier.


Google has done it again, now you can choose a new method of transport for your A to B commute: by bicycle (duh!). Currently only available in the United States.

Very low center of gravity, super light carbon composite frame and as aerodynamic as a droplet, the Innesenti recumbent is built for speed, endurance and stability

Innesenti | via The Awesomer

Finally your bicycle can smile, the Kaostem is a chunky 5cm by 5cm, 241g aluminum face stem and will be available in spring 2010 in Japan.

Ceilings are usually empty and thus ideal place to store stuff. The ceiling-mounted bike lift allows you to hoist your bicycle under the ceiling freeing precious floor area.

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