What’s not to like on a T-Shirt with Chewbacca leaning over the front wheel on a fixie. Chewbika T-shirt by Kindred Market.

GT has stood out with its trademark triple triangle frame and continues to make very reliable and affordable bikes. The new GT 3.0 offers some very clever, under hood, specs.

GT Bikes | via Tredz Blog

Do the air bike! Very professionally photoshopped pictures of celebrities on bicycles which have been removed. Among other Brad Pitt and Albert Einstein.

A very addictive internet comic by Rick Smith about the life of Yehuda, Joe and Thistle working in a bike shop and finding themselves in interesting, sometimes conflicting, situations.

Crumpler offers a huge variety of backpacks and messenger bags, almost every other bag is unique and their quality is excellent. Their inventory changes weekly.

Crumper Bags

A quick reportage by Kona Bikes about the mind of a Dutch in Amsterdam. In a city built for bicycles it’s only normal to prefer bicycles over cars and encourage others.

Tired of seeing performance über-men leaving you behind on their full carbon fiber bikes? Here’s what a race on large Victorian bicycles would look like.

Custom quality messenger bags and backpacks from Cleveland, Ohio. Blicks Bags makes some very nice models on demand and gets positive reviews.

Blicks Bags | via Urban Velo

Robin Moore has made a music video about the mind of a performance rider, there’s no place for hipster fixies, only efficiency and performance count.

Busch & Müller‘s IQ Cyo is a dynamo powered headlight that delivers up to 60Lux with constant 100% output. With a standlight’s runtime at over 4 minutes you’ll be safe.

Busch & Müller | via EcoVelo

The stylish aluminum blockhead stem from cw&t is quoted the sturdiest stem you’ll ever meet. Doesn’t include comfort, weights half a kilo, but looks good!


Video on how to lock your bike securely, turns out the best way is to carry a U-lock to lock your frame and a long chain to lock both wheels. Anything below a U-lock is dangerous.

This is what happens if you go too fast in a recumbent race with tight turns. These things are built for maximum efficincy for going straight with occasional light turns.

LightLane is a back LED light that projects a stripe to either side of your bike with lasers. In its compact form it isn’t cumbersome, but unfortunately it’s still a prototype.

Bicyclists keep breaking the law every second by racing trough NCY, amazingly they manage to avoid all obstacles. A must see video from the first person view.

This magnificent wooden bike, by Marcus Wallenberg Meyer, looks too good to be real. The frame seems to act as a shock absorber and it’s sold in limited edition.

ThisWay is a beautiful recumbent concept, by Torkel Döhmers, with hidden chain and a roof to protect the rider from rain. It has an optional small boot for luggage.

Bergmönch has engeneered an easely foldable backpack downhill bicycle. Among other features it has triple-hardened tubes, adjustable air shock and disc brakes.


Google has opted for trikes to map some of the streets it its Google Street View program. Now they will be able to map places that cannot be reached by cars.

A webside dedicated to pictures of cars parked in bike lanes, a nice concept meant to protect cyclers rights and prevent accidents. What makes them so attractive anyway?

Using front to back balance rather than left to right balance the sideways bike looks nothing like a regular bicycle. This position allegedly exercices snowboard balance.

Spokeless and featherweight city bike made by the Industrial Design Department of Alberto Del Biondi Industria Del Design will turn heads and follow you quite some time.

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