Some guy stuck a shiny chainsaw on his bike and off he went, pedaling at first to get the engine going and then letting it do what it does. Warning: pure awesomeness!

Based in NYC Fast Boy Cycles makes very neat custom bicycles, with names like Thunderfucker and Assless you know they mean business. Prices start at $2K.

A one wheeled bicycle trailer has a lot of advantages over a 2 wheeled one: it’s light, narrow and its wheel can be used as a spare wheel. Price varies according to accessories.


DringDring makes funky hand painted bicycle bells, if you get stuck behind people you might as well do it in style. All models are priced the same.

Jérôme Sadou has very nice pictures of fixed gear bicycles from Japan. The Tokyo fixie community is huge and fixed gears are very popular in Japan.

Jodey makes really nice handcrafted jewelry with bicycle parts on demand. Presta valve nuts, jump rings and black chain rollers sound much better than shiny pearls.

If you happen to run low on inspiration when building your next bike head down to the Fixed Gear Gallery, they have a huge and amazing collection of fixed gear bicycles.

Who would’ve thought to use sustainable, strong and long lasting bamboo to build bicycles? Bamboosero did, there’s even 3 types of them: road, mountain and cargo bikes.

Bamboosero Bikes

Yakkay Helmets uses one standard helmet and fits it with stylish covers making it a fur hat, a peaked cap, a sun hat in several colors and fabrics. Can also be worn without cover.

Schwinn makes stylish electric city bikes with well integrated motors and batteries. The slim removable battery allows over 3000 charges, and does it within 30 minutes.

Atomic Zombie has a wonderful do it yourself (DIY) community where readers build and submit their work of art. Some are very unconventional and interesting rides.

The Shweeb is a monorail racetrack where you pedal capsule enclosed bikes and can race against others or the clock, results are by age or country. Located in New Zealand.

The Utah Salt Flats are famous for their world land speed record testing grounds. But bringing a bike isn’t a good idea. Fragile minds beware: bicycles get destroyed.

Gyroscope driven unicycle Enicycle promises that anybody can learn to ride it in less than 30 minutes. Electric, 30km range, rechargeable from cars 12V outlet and more.

When the saddle becomes literally a pain in the ass the SMP4Bike saddle saves the day with its ergonomic design that removes pressure from the groin area.


Fixie Inc. has a set of mind when building bicycles, their elegant designs are not to be underestimated as efficiency is a priority: the 2010 flip-flop has a Gates carbon belt drive.

Fixie Inc. | via Bike Rumor

Moulton makes small wheeled bicycles with very stiff frames thanks to the Moulton space frame. It’s shorter, stiffer and has lower wind resistance than normal bikes.

Moulton Bicycles

A one wheeled bicycle trailer by Maya. Takes up to 30kg of cargo and hooks up to the rear wheel axle with provided adapters and stays within the width of the rider.

Delta 7 Sports has engineered a spider web-like open lattice tube frame that brings unparalleled strength to weight ratio and an ultra stiff and responsive bike. Limited to 200 units.

Some skill is needed for these insane fixie tricks by Carla Hochdorfer and Henriette Hochdorfer in the European Junior Championships of indoor cycling 2009.

Having the right handlebar type is important as it can affect your performance. There are the classic upright bars, or less conventional bullhorn ones, see what pleases you the most.

A monocoque, low racer recumbent made with carbon prepreg materials screams speed. Made in France this beauty weighs like a feather at 7.5kg (in bike terms).

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