The Scott SUB 35 Nexus is a sleek, high performance urban/road bicycle featuring the Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gear and optional assorted mudguards and rack.

Literally growing bicycles, Panda Bicycles makes them from bamboo, which is very strong boasting a strength-to-weight ratio similar to that of steel. Available in 2 models.

Panda Bicycles

Mercier‘s focuses only on classic road bicycles. Using steel tubing, aluminum and carbon fiber to take advantage of the best properties of every material for their frames.

Cycles Mercier

Okay, this is just bike porn, the 1274 : 27.5 was made for Lance’s return from retirement by Trek and there’s no words to describe how sexy it is. But what’s with the name?

With triple shielding you’ll have to ride on a road made of blades, nails and broken glass to puncture these Kevlar tires. Also features Aquaflow tread and optional reflective band.


Crumpton Cycles makes custom carbon fiber bicycles and when they say custom it’s hand made for each individual. They look like beautiful and mean speed machines.

Crumpton Cycles

You’ve seen the bamboo bicycle, now a notch up is the hardwood bicycle by Renovo. Quoted as “rivals carbon-fiber” this isn’t just a pretty bike for the weekends, it delivers.

Renovo Bikes

This magnificent wooden bike, by Marcus Wallenberg Meyer, looks too good to be real. The frame seems to act as a shock absorber and it’s sold in limited edition.