With all its advantages a recumbent bi/tricycle has quite a large footprint and is not very portable, well not anymore: the Azub folding recumbent concept folds in 4 minutes.

Azub | via Bent Blog

The Tagun is one mean touring machine: very simplistic frame construction for maximum reliability, featuring rear wheel air suspension and an optional huge pannier.


Very low center of gravity, super light carbon composite frame and as aerodynamic as a droplet, the Innesenti recumbent is built for speed, endurance and stability

Innesenti | via The Awesomer

Bicycles aren’t very protective weather wise; this ragtop is a one-size-fits-all roof for recumbent bicycles that can also be fitted to trikes and under or over seat steering recumbents.

A recumbent with an almost upright rider position the German atl-Klassik offers a very comfortable ride with full suspension and plenty of cargo space thanks to the indirect steering.

Need to haul a lot of stuff comfortably? The TerraCycle Cargo Monster is a three wheeled recumbent. It’s basically an Xtracycle hooked to a recumbent at a very affordable price.

Linear turbulence at any speed the Thundervolt M1 is fast: incredibly narrow, low and streamlined if only there was a way to make your legs more aerodynamic.


HPV racing enthusiast Miles Kingsbury made the fully enclosed Bubble and Squeak trike. A remarkable design aiming to reduce drag and increase stability at higher speeds.

The Slipstream is one of the best looking under seat steering, long wheelbase recumbent we’ve ever seen. Minimal and strong frame construction, with disc brakes.

The Jetrike is a front wheel drive tilting delta trike design that features self-centering tilt geometry. The idea was to make a tilting mechanism to improve cornering speed.

A Russian made trike sports an all wheel drive system with gears. The build quality and engineering look very smooth, though we’re wondering about the omission of a differential.

The Flevobike is a recumbent bike with center steering and front wheel traction with full suspension. Although the original design isn’t produced anymore the plans are public.

A recumbent in a city usually at disadvantage with its low height, but the BioCycle is quite high, maneuverable, stable at low and high speeds and fits wherever classic bikes do.


Boris Beauland made a wooden tricycle, a project that took him nearly a year. A true masterpiece and well documented too, made in his small underground garage (in French).

Atomic Zombie has a wonderful do it yourself (DIY) community where readers build and submit their work of art. Some are very unconventional and interesting rides.

A monocoque, low racer recumbent made with carbon prepreg materials screams speed. Made in France this beauty weighs like a feather at 7.5kg (in bike terms).

This is what happens if you go too fast in a recumbent race with tight turns. These things are built for maximum efficincy for going straight with occasional light turns.