Simply mesmerizing, Filip Polc rides down in a Chilean town in Valparaíso on a ridiculously narrow path, while wall riding, getting some air and jumping over dogs (at 0:28).

A mesmerizing 9 minute high definition video of mountain biking from a chest mounted camera, in Annadel state park in California, with GoPro chest harness.

Propelled by gravity Eric Barone set the speed record on a mountain bike, by descending a volcano, reaching 209km/h before the bike gave up and broke sending him flying.

An 800m descent in a Brazilian slum, very narrow streets and cheering crowds all over the place this first person view of the race will keep you expecting the worst at every corner.

With a monocoque carbon design the Carbonheart frame is a light, rigid and looks smooth. All internal cable routing, weighs 2.2kg and is available in white, green and black.

Ever wished you could ride your bike up/down a snowy hill? Ktrak transforms your bike by replacing your front wheel with a ski and rear wheel with a tracked drive kit.

Two guys make the Venosc descent in France with a camera attached to the helmet. It’s a horribly steep incline of the mountain without barriers and some human obstacles.

You’ll have to merit this one, there’s only one in the world and you have to fight to get it and keep fighting to keep it. Win a race and bring it home, lose and give it to the winner.

A practical folding bike used by paratroopers, with front wheel suspension and front disc brake it unfolds in a moment and with much more ease than the contortionist.

Delta 7 Sports has engineered a spider web-like open lattice tube frame that brings unparalleled strength to weight ratio and an ultra stiff and responsive bike. Limited to 200 units.

GT has stood out with its trademark triple triangle frame and continues to make very reliable and affordable bikes. The new GT 3.0 offers some very clever, under hood, specs.

GT Bikes | via Tredz Blog

Bergmönch has engeneered an easely foldable backpack downhill bicycle. Among other features it has triple-hardened tubes, adjustable air shock and disc brakes.