ROX 9 is for the elite, giving such information as pulse measurement, speed, cadence, altitude, inclination and temperature and all that data can be uploaded to a computer.

The BFF is a celebration of bicycles trough film and music. The festival goes trough 39 world cities and brings all sorts of events (other then films) like galleries, rides and parties…

Dexter Benjamin lost his leg to a truck when he dived off his bike to save a child. Now he’s a messenger in New York rolling like any other biker, but with only one leg.

MIT made a motorized wheel for bicycles that incorporates the motor, which works as a generator too, and the battery, controlled by Bluetooth connected throttle.

James Bowthorpe is nearing the end of his journey around the world to raise money and awareness about Parkinson’s disease. You can see his progress thanks to his GPS.

First jewelry and gifts, now furniture, recycling a bike is a fun hobby. Bike Furniture Design, by Andy Gregg, has tables, chairs, barstools made from wheels and inner-tubes.

If you haven’t yet seen Danny MacAskill’s viral video about how he defies gravity with his bike here you go. Leaping roofs, jumping trees, riding on fences and whatnot.

The guys at Fallbrook Technologies cooked up a nice CVP system for bikes. Everything is contained within the rear hub and a simple twister in the handle makes it work.

If you don’t know it yet, Critical Mass is an event held in every major city every last Friday of the month. Literally thousands of bikers doing what they do and clogging up traffic.

Ghost bikes are bicycles completely painted in white and locked near a crash site that cost a life to a cyclist. Serving as reminders to a tragic accident and promoting safe travel.

Jewelry isn’t the only thing you can make with old bicycle parts, Resource Revival makes all kinds of ingenious stuff with it. Clocks, bottle openers, frames…

Riding a bicycle is only half of the fun you can have, the other half is poking and maintaining it. Nothing is more satisfying than to know that you repaired your bike yourself.

Some guy stuck a shiny chainsaw on his bike and off he went, pedaling at first to get the engine going and then letting it do what it does. Warning: pure awesomeness!

The Shweeb is a monorail racetrack where you pedal capsule enclosed bikes and can race against others or the clock, results are by age or country. Located in New Zealand.

The Utah Salt Flats are famous for their world land speed record testing grounds. But bringing a bike isn’t a good idea. Fragile minds beware: bicycles get destroyed.

Do the air bike! Very professionally photoshopped pictures of celebrities on bicycles which have been removed. Among other Brad Pitt and Albert Einstein.

A very addictive internet comic by Rick Smith about the life of Yehuda, Joe and Thistle working in a bike shop and finding themselves in interesting, sometimes conflicting, situations.

Tired of seeing performance über-men leaving you behind on their full carbon fiber bikes? Here’s what a race on large Victorian bicycles would look like.

Robin Moore has made a music video about the mind of a performance rider, there’s no place for hipster fixies, only efficiency and performance count.

Google has opted for trikes to map some of the streets it its Google Street View program. Now they will be able to map places that cannot be reached by cars.

A webside dedicated to pictures of cars parked in bike lanes, a nice concept meant to protect cyclers rights and prevent accidents. What makes them so attractive anyway?

The iPhone has various applications that can give you some useful information like recording, importing and exporting tracks, showing speed and distance and many more.

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