Made from an old recycled aluminum bike wheel, the clock’s mechanism is attached to a set of rear cassette gears and it mounts directly to the wall through the hub.

Etsy | via The Awesomer

When a carbon bike isn’t enough you can get some carbon fiber replacements for you bones. After an accident where Lance broke his clavicle he got a shiny new one in carbon.

Greg Kolodziejzyk is determined to make it from Vancouver to Hawaii with his custom built boat where he will be pedaling in a recumbent position the distance of 4500 kilometers.

The lovable French humorist Remi Gaillard went all out when he got the idea of pranking a cyclist. Watch as a lone biker on a quiet afternoon suddenly gets cheered by fans.

Ever wondered what means of transport is faster to get from A to B? Bike Commuters gives you a hint with its chart where 4 minutes or waiting is worth half a kilometer on bike.

The iBikeMount lets you easily clip your iPhone on your handlebar, so you can keep track of your performance, speed, location, weather… well actually whatever you want.

Learning to ride a bicycle? Meant to replace training wheels the Gyrowheel has a wheel inside that works as a gyroscope, it keeps the bike stable and slows down falling.

Gyrowheel | via TechEBlog

Tokyo has a quite innovative automatic bicycle parking system that can accommodate up to 9400 bikes. Bikes are stored underground, but standards apply, so no recumbents.

Icycle is a Flash game where you pedal a tiny bike in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter… naked. Your mission is to follow the frozen soap bubbles and not to die.

Taking the popular game of Guitar Hero and making a bicycle version of it, this video must’ve been carefully timed and planned. They even managed to do the bonus effects.

David Byrne made not-so-dull bike racks all over NYC. Although we don’t support locking ones bike to art pieces (mainly because they’ll be removed), on these ones it’s safe.

A bizarre design accessory for a bicycle: a pair of flutes that are actually playable with keys on the handlebar. The air builds up in the chambers and produces ocarina like sounds.

In an effort to get more people on bicycles the city of Trondheim in Norway made this bicycle lift on a steep incline to help people cope with it. In service since 1993.

Trampe | via Gizmodo

The 3M Scotchlite 680 excellent reflective properties make it very bright when light is pointed at it. Michael Mandiberg wrapped his whole bike in it and it looks great at night.

Joules is made of hard-wearing aluminum alloy and is powered by a motor. It’s not the most efficient way of electric assist, but an excellent engineering project.

Discovery Channel‘s program How It’s Made shows how bicycles are made on industrial scale, 2500 each day. But often, if not always, price is a good representation of quality.

The Contrail was made for a design competition, the little box contains chalk powder and has a small wheel that runs along the back tire leaving a mark on the road.

Once Geoff Hudspith got the idea of making a steam engine for his bicycle. 30 years, and a lot of small tuning later the steam engine is ready to take part in European events.

Momentum makes awesome and unique handpainted bicycle frames. Unfortunately only made in size 56, they’re painted with high quality, steel specific aerosol paint.


Women on bicycles are sexy. Loose hair, flying scarves and physical effort on a bike give out 110% of beauty potential and Chicks and Bikes understood that. NSFW sometimes.

Bikes grow on trees now! The bike tree is a bike parking mechanism that lifts the bicycle up and away from thieves, so bikes don’t require locks and it keeps them dry during rain.

Duncan Fitzsimons came up with the idea of collapsible wheels, since it’s the only part of a bike that cannot be collapsed. The idea works well with wheelchairs too.

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