Puncture proof or your money back says Nu-Tech. Actually they’re using full tires, but according to them they’re lighter than the conventional rubber tires and tubes.

Nu-Tech | via Make Online

The African safari “Where Are You Go” lasts four months passing by Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town South Africa on a bicycle. A 7’000 mile expedition by Brian Vernor.

Straight from Norway, traditional, lugged and shiny, Viking Cycles make beautiful frames with chromed fork and track ends in sizes 53 to 61. Available in 5 colors or in full chrome.

You’ve seen wooden bikes before, but never with wooden rims. Ghisallo makes them for tubular tires, different types include track, touring and racing reinforced according to use.

We don’t feature many stunt videos here at TC, they’re generally very repetitive and look alike. But not Erik Elstran’s stunts, they may be quirky, but at least they’re original.

Vittoria tires are known to resist quite well and are used by the best (Lance among others). With great grip, a low rolling resistance and in full white the Zaffiro Pro kick ass!

Renown as the track wheel with the most Olympic titles: the iO Track wheel has pocketed over 80% of golds since 1996. Weighing at 750 grams and stiff as a rock.

Mavic | via Amazon

Pimp your bike with stylish SweetskinZ colored and reflective tires. They have quite a few patterns to choose from and they’re available for all wheel sizes.

The pub bike, or mobile party, was made for Hopworks Urban Brewing by Metrofiets, it features two kegs, a bar, a rack to hold some pizzas and a sound system built on a cargo bike.

Chopping old bikes and making them into whatever they were thinking at the moment, the Cyclecide is a club of alter-bike mechanics. Up to reducing functionality to an option.

Originally conceived as a NYC Halloween parade, the PoleRiders raise awareness of pedal power in a way that cannot be missed: by pole dancing on pedicabs.

The Sidecarrier is a sidecar for bicycles. It has space for one child and connects to the right side of the bike. Thanks to the special hitch design you keep full range of motion.

Chariot Carriers | via REI

A journey took by 10 riders, not knowing each other, from all over the world, from London to Paris on their bikes to meet Lance Armstrong for the Tour De France 2009.

You’ve seen the Japanese reportage of it but how was it made, how does it exactly work, who made it? Here’s a reportage on this innovative bike parking system.

Fig. 8 is a flash game where you ride a bicycle through a suburban architectural diagram. Control the bike with the arrow keys and avoid everything or you’ll fall down.

The GlideCycle supports you form overhead rather than under. Marketed mainly as a recovery and rehabilitation tool it allows amputees to securely glide upright again.


Straight from the twenties the Derringers are revolutionary moto-hybrids that can be propelled via engine power, or human propelled with the assistance of engine power.

Travis Pastrana lands a perfect backflip with his bigwheel where he barely fits. Watch as this Darwin award nominee takes the leap, at least he got the brains to wear a helmet.

Already talked about it seems the Google Street View trike is now mapping everything and anything with parks, trails, college campuses, theme parks, zoos, landmarks, etc.

The Seebikesaw was commissioned by Brooks England bicycle component manufacture from designer Ben Wilson. Naturally the Seebikesaw features Brooks products.

Nathaniel Kassel rides around New York high fiving people who are calling for a cab, getting some surprised reactions and putting a smile on expressionless faces.

Think well before you try to steal a bike, this video shows what will happen to you if you get caught by the street justice. Be warned: nothing pisses cyclists more off than a thief.

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