Two robbers on a scooter were making a getaway after stealing a purse, a man saw what happened and threw his bicycle when they passed by, epic failing ensued.

Turn your iPhone into a high end bicycle computer that gives you feedback on your performance: Pedal Brain does that using various sensors and syncs the data to your computer.

Pedal Brain | via The Awesomer

Packed with features the Copenhagen wheel, developed at MIT, does not only provide electrical assist, but senses speed and keeps track of your fitness goals via your iPhone.

The winner of the international design competition for a new bike shed the Cyclehoop uses already available posts turning them to bicycle parking spaces all across the UK.

The 24 Carat golden bicycle features 600 Swarovski crystals and will empty your wallet. You don’t get any gears, using it will get it stolen and it’s heavy as a rock, but it’s shiny.

Aurumania | via Candy Cranks

The city of Copenhagen launched a design competition for a new bike share system for Copenhagen. The winner pocketed €33K and they got some very creative ideas.

Annabelle and Dave set the 17th November on a trip around the world by bicycle. Updating regularly their blog with events and pictures. It’s a wonderful idea to share their experience.

One of the most polluting countries is taking small steps to a greener and healthier way of transport. In 2009 transport by bicycle increased 26% in NYC (and the year before 35%).

If you want something done right, do it yourself. NYC bicycle activists paint 14 blocks of bike lane so that they could ride as safely as possible. The only problem is that it’s illegal.

A truly inspirational person, Tim Cope has traveled 14 months on his recumbent bicycle passing by Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China while getting to know local people.

The Cranklock system aims to make your cornering faster and more stable by allowing you to shift your weight towards the inside of the curb and lowering your center of gravity.

This short video is a compilation of somebody going around Amsterdam and ringing all the bicycle bells he finds, quirky, cute and very heartwarming project.

This short video explains how the bicycle messengers work, how they are paid and what it really consists of. Speed is one of the main factors and it’s what makes this job dangerous.

The track speed record on a human powered vehicle is held by Damjan Zabovnik with his Eivie II, he pedaled backwards in a recumbent position at an astonishing 107.2km/h.

If this hasn’t happened to you, it will. Patching a bicycle tire is really easy, given that you have the tools with you and will avoid the horrible walk of shame with a punctured tire.

Operated by a twist shifter the Rohloff Speedhub 14 gears are hidden from external conditions and require little to no maintenance making it perfect to ride trough the winter.

Since the climate won’t adjust to us fast enough we have to adjust to it, cold days and ice aren’t excuses for not to bike, the Finnish Nokian studded tires will keep you from falling.

Suomi Tyres | via Amazon

Available in all the colors of rainbow from bead to bead the Gran Compe open tubulars come straight from Japan, featuring Kevlar beads and will brighten your bicycle.

Dia Compe | via Amazon

How to make an easy 500% deal using a little bit of ingenuity and writing skills? These guys buy an old, ordinary, BMX, make some changes and sell it with some added creativity.

Adapting pedal power to a car seems an interesting idea, but practically it has some drawbacks: you have to be as many as you can to have as much power as possible and it’s illegal.

Interesting project by the Neistat brothers to show how easy it is to steal a bike in NYC. They’re using their own locks and bikes, but we prefer seeing thieves get their ass kicked.

Somehow sticking a jet on something makes it automatically awesome. At 140db this jet powered bicycle made by Robert Maddux goes up to an astonishing 120km/h.

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