Simply mesmerizing, Filip Polc rides down in a Chilean town in Valparaíso on a ridiculously narrow path, while wall riding, getting some air and jumping over dogs (at 0:28).

When you feel like grinding, but wish to return home with your chain on one piece the DK EXO half link chains are for you to test out. Also they come in black, chrome and gold.

Netherlands, where 33% of all transport is done by bike, this video shows what a morning rush hour looks like over 8 minutes shown in 2. Over 18000 bicycles pass there daily.

A good infrastructure is the best way to encourage cycling and London’s doing it right by investing £500 million over the next 10 years. Here are the new cycle superhighways.

If you’re into measuring people to get them the perfect ride this iPhone app gives you the tool to get the perfect frame dimensions for the given measurements.

Bomb Tactics makes this all in one tool that lets you get away with most problems, including spoke keys, 15mm box-end for axle nuts, 15mm open-end and a lock ring wrench.

London has been busy with bike thieves lately and introduced the “Beat the thief” campaign – we hope it looks like that. So here’s an instructional video on how to lock your bike.

Over 500000Km on a bicycle and counting, that the distance Frank von Rijn has covered. He finances his trips with the books he writes from his trips. Part 2 of the interview.

An already cycling friendly country Switzerland has a new anti-speed campaign: instead of shock therapy with loose body parts it aims making riding slow cool.

Hoopskinz are decals for bicycle rims. Currently available in 6 stock designs. You can also submit your own design and if accepted you get a set for free.

Hoopskinz | via Urban Velo

Kyle Bryant was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at 17, but that doesn’t keep him from participating in the Race Across America, the most demanding bike race in the world.

Laser cut from .5mm paper, this paper 1:24 model of a boneshaker is part of its creators micro museum series. You can buy a flat one and assemble it yourself.

Upon a Fold | via Bike Hacks

We all ride fixies, as long as you never, ever change gears. That must be clear though, even a steep hill isn’t an excuse, if you want to be a hipster no gears for you.

Fear of the day: NYPD have been busy removing bicycles, without notification or information where they could be retrieved, in fear that one could contain a pipe bomb.

What to do when you need to haul stuff and a rack doesn’t cut it? The city bicycle trailer folds flat when not in use, weighs 5.5kg and carries 45kg in a 70liter weatherproof bag.

Dutch students set the record for the world’s longest bicycle. At 28 meters it has to be operated by 2 people, one for steering in the front and one pedaling in the back.

To express your utter love of bicycling or just to have some spare parts the bicycle chain bracelet comes in red and blue, and if you don’t like it you get a quite fair 114% refund!

Google has done it again, now you can choose a new method of transport for your A to B commute: by bicycle (duh!). Currently only available in the United States.

Martin Angelov came up with this interesting concept of elevating bicycle paths above the traffic with guiding rails and connect paths otherwise impossible to reach.

The city of Copenhagen is the first to put up railings for bicyclists at intersections so that they could rest their foot on it while waiting for the traffic to pass.

BikeDynamics gives a great summary about how to position yourself on a bicycle. It’s important to be well seated to get the most of your ride and avoid back aches and sores.

We feel dirty to advertise such idiocy, but it exists and must be dealt with. Motorists in Budapest are against a new bicycle lane on one of the main streets and spit out pure illogicality.

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