Feel like hunting some bicycle thieves? The Spylamp GPS tracking device is disguised as a simple tail lamp using SMS messages to convey the bikes coordinates.

Designed for off road and 24h endurance racing the E3 Triple light features 3 bright LEDs, a stand light of 12 minutes and is powered by a hub dynamo so you’ll never run out of juice.

Supernova Lights

Using 5 bright LEDs to light up the road the NiteRider bike light has an excellent run time of 40 to 90 hours depending of how used. Featuring clear sides for a 180 degree view.

Wiggle | via Amazon

You’ve seen two 900 lumen lights already, if you want to more for those dark winter days you’ll have to get your hands dirty like Jukka Hietala and make yourself a 1680 lumen lamp.

Just like the Magicshine 900 the Seca 900 Ultra outputs a massive 900 lumen during its 3.5 hour run time on high. It better be a damn good bike light for that price.

The DiNotte 200L outputs 200 lumen and easily mounted with a simple O-ring, it can also be attached to the helmet. It lasts up to 48 hours straight on slow pulse mode.


We’ve already seen the Fibre Flare which is a flexible LED tube. The Down Low Glow can have multiple tubes, fits any bike, is water resistant and available in 6 colors.

Rock The Bike

Sporting 2 super-bright LED’s the Beetle is water resistant, has a flexible silicon body which integrates the clipping mechanism and allows quick-release mounting.


Yes, battery free. Based on the electrodynamic induction principle it generates the current from magnets connected to the wheel and flash every time the magnets pass the light.

Fibre Flare is a LED back light. In shape of a flexible tube it can be seen from any direction from 300 meters. Available in red, green, blue and yellow and lasts an eternity (70h+).

Fibre Flare

Like cycling after the sun has set, but afraid of dark? The Magicshine delivers an eye scorching 900 lumen, enough to light up 20 meters (75 ft.) of road in front of you.

MonkeyLectric makes lights for wheels: when the wheels are spinning the rapidly changing LEDs make out a whole image. Necessary speed to show a picture is 12 to 40 km/h.

Busch & Müller‘s IQ Cyo is a dynamo powered headlight that delivers up to 60Lux with constant 100% output. With a standlight’s runtime at over 4 minutes you’ll be safe.

Busch & Müller | via EcoVelo

LightLane is a back LED light that projects a stripe to either side of your bike with lasers. In its compact form it isn’t cumbersome, but unfortunately it’s still a prototype.