Bern Watts carbon fiber helmet features EPS breathable, waterproof, foam protection and a sweet optional winter padding with integrated high fidelity audio system.

Good to keep your brain inside your skull for a couple more seconds after an accident, the TopUp helmet is made from textile rather than something that might actually protect you.

For some reason Magpies don’t like helmets in Australia. People try to find out what possible ornaments could dissuade them from diving and possibly causing injury.

Suitable for road and mountain biking the Bell Volt helmet is light yet well ventilated and still very strong and durable thanks to its carbon fiber shell reinforced with EPS foam.

Made with the collaboration of Erik Zabel, the Sterling is a top-level helmet weighing at 250g with a solid composite skeleton which doubles as a sunglasses holder.

Folding down to 50% of a regular helmet size, the Pango fits in your bag with room to spare. Featuring replaceable panels and meeting safety requirements. Available in March 2010.


No, they don’t have lasers in them, only a light. Looking great the Lazer Urbanize helmets protect against rain, wind and blows. There’s also a winter padding option for cold days.

Bern head gear has attained the ultimate weight to protection level, their helmets weigh around 350-510 grams, do their job and come in various models and colors.

Made in Spain the Whisper Plus from Catlike is a stylish well-ventilated helmet thanks to its 39 venting holes. Worn by professional bicyclists this isn’t just for the looks.

Catlike | via Shopplr

FuseProject was commissioned by the very City of New York to “create a product [...] that appeals to the new generation of bikers”. It allows different caps for personalization.

Yakkay Helmets uses one standard helmet and fits it with stylish covers making it a fur hat, a peaked cap, a sun hat in several colors and fabrics. Can also be worn without cover.