Not your usual cycling jacket: the Trench Jacket from Derny features a velvet collar and cuff links for style, rotated shoulders and double-ended zip for functionality.

Stretchy, breathable and water resistant, the Cutter Tech knickerbockers are specifically for those spending their days on a saddle. It even has a U-lock back pocket snap.

To show the fuel consumption of your bicycle the infinity MPG T-shirt carries to message quite well, also as Threadless celebrates its 10th anniversary, everything goes for $10.

The Spoke jeans, by Osloh, are specifically made for bicycle commuting, featuring internal seat lining and leg adjustment straps on chain side leg to keep them clean.


Keeping your face and mustache warm during your commute while allowing you to breathe, the beard head comes in different colors, styles, with add-on mustaches.

Originally a bicycle recycling project Velo-Re now makes belts out of old discarded bicycle tires. You can even send your own tires to them if you want to wear your own tires.


Safety first, comfort a close second, the Endura luminite cycling jacket features a LED light strip inside the rear of the jacket, also it’s seam sealed, breathable and waterproof.

Often the argument to not use a bicycle is that it makes your cloths dirty, the Outlier Khaki OG pants breathe, stretch, wick and repel rain, road grime and most importantly look good.

Outlier | via The Awesomer

The District made by DoYouVelo is a reversible reflective jacket for whenever you wish to not stand out in a crowd. Also protects you from wind, is breathable and waterproof.


The Jiro belts are made from inner tubes and old bicycle tires. Every one is unique due to the wear marks and the tire type. It can also be a fun and easy DIY project.

Jiro Belt | via The Awesomer

Cosa Verde recycles old tires by making belts out of them. The mountain bike tire belt has knobby tread and is very durable. Some smoother treads are also available.

When you run low on air pressure in you can stop at an Airgo station to fill up. Only regular air though, no premium. T-shirt design by Jermaine Walker.

What’s not to like in a cape: comfortable, elegant and gives you freedom of movement. CycleChic makes these for the ladies, naming each of their handmade capes.


Specifically made for the casual biker the Fixed Shirt is made of fast drying and odor resistant fabric, has room in the shoulders and has protected buttons against wear.

Rapha | via VeloDramatic

If you don’t want to make your own cycling cap Walz has a selection of types (classic, ear-flap, racing stripe), fabrics and colors to choose form. They also offer custom embroidery.

Going up the stairs with a bike, the City Rider t-shirt expresses the typical “more is less” message of fixies with a cyclist carrying his bicycle with “Fixed” written at the bottom.

If you like the retro styled cycling caps over wearing a helmet Panda Face has made a pattern for making one. In his photo album on Flickr he has pretty nice looking ones.

Jodey makes really nice handcrafted jewelry with bicycle parts on demand. Presta valve nuts, jump rings and black chain rollers sound much better than shiny pearls.

What’s not to like on a T-Shirt with Chewbacca leaning over the front wheel on a fixie. Chewbika T-shirt by Kindred Market.

Crumpler offers a huge variety of backpacks and messenger bags, almost every other bag is unique and their quality is excellent. Their inventory changes weekly.

Crumper Bags

Custom quality messenger bags and backpacks from Cleveland, Ohio. Blicks Bags makes some very nice models on demand and gets positive reviews.

Blicks Bags | via Urban Velo