Unique and sexy, Sexy Bicycles makes beautiful bikes limited to one per design. Featuring 9 internal hub gears, very light aluminum frame and puncture resistant tires.

Sexy Bicycles

The fixie isn’t for everybody, it takes more skill than effort and endurance to master it. But can you resist a brand new bike for $310? Solé makes these fixies for the broke people.

Make Magazine made a short video about how to make a single speed bicycle. First hunt down a a frame and get your hands on some tools. A nice weekend DIY project.

Custom bicycles based on shared design, the Republic Bike lets you pick the color and components of your single speed. Send them back a picture and receive a free gift.

Mixing vintage parts and new components the Domenica looks smooth. Featuring a curved wooden handlebar and a coaster brake so no ugly dangling cables ruining the view.

There’s no customizing here, the design and specs haven’t been changed since its conception. The Alta One Spec is a fixed gear made in Norway and popular all over the world.

Jérôme Sadou has very nice pictures of fixed gear bicycles from Japan. The Tokyo fixie community is huge and fixed gears are very popular in Japan.

If you happen to run low on inspiration when building your next bike head down to the Fixed Gear Gallery, they have a huge and amazing collection of fixed gear bicycles.

Fixie Inc. has a set of mind when building bicycles, their elegant designs are not to be underestimated as efficiency is a priority: the 2010 flip-flop has a Gates carbon belt drive.

Fixie Inc. | via Bike Rumor

Some skill is needed for these insane fixie tricks by Carla Hochdorfer and Henriette Hochdorfer in the European Junior Championships of indoor cycling 2009.