Designed by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen the Baubike is constructed around the geometric shape of the square, the equilateral triangle and the golden section proportions.

The Porteur Bike mixes the authors passions: leather craft, urban style, fashion and luxury in one bicycle. Made with vintage parts with some chromed and copper touches.

David Buchwaldek built this waterproof recumbent that can go on water. It features hydraulic steering and is electrically assisted. On his website you can see the build process.

The Embira (wood fiber) bicycle frame is made of plywood, its mission being reducing dependence non-renewable materials. Looks are kept clean with a coaster brake.

Honda is developing an electric unicycle with a really unique wheel that allows it to move side to side to keep it balanced. The wheel actually sports smaller wheels instead of a tire.

Designed by Victor Aleman the Eco // 07 has folding frame and wheels. The wheel is composed of 6 pivoting modules and the spokes go inside the hub when collapsed.

Olli Erkkilä created this awesome working forkless bike, the front wheel is connected to the handlebar using a clever system that gives the impression of a “wireless” connectivity.

Arndt Menke‘s diploma project, the Holzweg uses wooden tubes for its frame and makes use of wood properties to make a clever damping system built within the frame.

A bit like Arantix the C-Thru Road Frame is the lightest of them all at a measly 1215 g (2.7 lbs). Consisting of 300 joints the framed structure design makes it incredibly stiff.

RimLock is basically a wheel that can twist to make it unusable, a simple lock inside the hub makes the magic happen. Unfortunately the bike can still be moved.

Another approach to wooden cycles, Xylon bikes makes very unconventional and cool bike frames. An artistic approach to something that has become way too standardized.

Another fine example of handcrafted bicycle art. A little heavy at 20kg, it’s made of high frequency pressed layers of beech and ashwood with hard wood inlays. Made in Italy.

Jason Battersby designed the Tequila Sunrise, looking like a motorbike at first it’s a very stylish low-rider bicycle. Hand-built with steel frame and topped off with fiberglass.

Gyroscope driven unicycle Enicycle promises that anybody can learn to ride it in less than 30 minutes. Electric, 30km range, rechargeable from cars 12V outlet and more.

ThisWay is a beautiful recumbent concept, by Torkel Döhmers, with hidden chain and a roof to protect the rider from rain. It has an optional small boot for luggage.

Using front to back balance rather than left to right balance the sideways bike looks nothing like a regular bicycle. This position allegedly exercices snowboard balance.

Spokeless and featherweight city bike made by the Industrial Design Department of Alberto Del Biondi Industria Del Design will turn heads and follow you quite some time.

Kevin Cyr‘s concept shows a small camper on top of a typical chinese three-wheeled bicycle. Might not be very light, but is probably more comfortable than a tent.

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