Urban Outfitters build bicycles based on a shared design, in 2 models, both single speed (fixed or free wheel) and allow you to customize your ride with colors and components.

The Tato bike has a special frame which allows you to put your belongings inside it and keep them at hand, better yet this way they don’t need to be held still.


The OnBike removes everything that can be removed while retaining full bicycle functionality, disk brakes, internal gears and cabling and a single sided fork. Limited to 250.


A real head turner, the Cyclone is has an unorthodox, hand crafted, stainless steel frame without a seat tube that gives it a very sporty look and absorbs shocks to a certain extent.

Incredible smooth design, the Dutchess city bike, designed by Wytze van Mansum, is a beauty. Featuring integrated locking system, rear light and enclosed chain.

Designed by Sjoerd Smit, the Vanmoof single speed city bike features a light aluminum frame with solar panels that charge the integrated front and rear lights.

With an over sized handlebar, very long wheel base and big balloon tires the Zeth is one mean cruiser. The design was inspired by the “fluid expressions of kinetic sculptures”.

Based on a 1930 design the Guv’nor certainly is classy. Black fork, cream wheels, Brooks leather saddle and a very retro drop North Road handlebars. Available in one or 3 speed.


The Sixthreezero Scholar is a slow beach bike, coaster brakes and single speed to keep things simple. Featuring an over sized leather seat, khaki color frame and orange rims.

Kyle Watson made this retro styled H-Bomb cruiser and added some of his awesomeness in it. The details are amazing and the name fits it perfectly. A bit pricey though.

Based in Florida the Villin Cycle Works makes original hand made frames that don’t ruin the function. Run by two guys it has a waiting line of 6 months and seems to be well worth it.

Kria’s philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible, using single gears or internal hub gears to keep maintaining the bicycle as easy as possible in Iceland’s conditions.

An eye-catching commuter bike the Ruben, by Traitor Bikes, is available in 3 sizes and 3 paint styles, has only one front plateau and disc brakes for that unstoppable stopping power.

Looking a bit like the Moulton bicycle, Bike Friday can be packed in seconds and fits inside a suitcase. If you absolutely need to take your bike on a trip, this is it.

Bike Friday

Brazilian Industrial Designer Flavio Deslandes makes bicycles out of bamboo, well, parts of it. The bikes are sold in limited editions and new models keep coming.

Flavio Deslandes

Woody bicycles have one of the simplest frame builds and look great. Made from hardwood materials like oak, ash, birch, purple heart and others on demand.

Woody Bicycles

Since you are unique your bike should be built around you, not the other way. MAP bicycles does exactly that, taking in account every variable so your bike will be truly yours.

Handlebars made with roadkill? You bet! The King Of The Road, made by Swedish artist Jenny Nordberg, sports Moose horn handlebars and stylish crocheted saddle.

Based in NYC Fast Boy Cycles makes very neat custom bicycles, with names like Thunderfucker and Assless you know they mean business. Prices start at $2K.

Who would’ve thought to use sustainable, strong and long lasting bamboo to build bicycles? Bamboosero did, there’s even 3 types of them: road, mountain and cargo bikes.

Bamboosero Bikes

Schwinn makes stylish electric city bikes with well integrated motors and batteries. The slim removable battery allows over 3000 charges, and does it within 30 minutes.

Moulton makes small wheeled bicycles with very stiff frames thanks to the Moulton space frame. It’s shorter, stiffer and has lower wind resistance than normal bikes.

Moulton Bicycles
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