Fyxation makes bicycle tires in your favorite color. These are not just colored second grade tires: Kevlar rolling protection, pinch-flat protection, full diamond pattern bead to bead…

DringDring makes funky hand painted bicycle bells, if you get stuck behind people you might as well do it in style. All models are priced the same.

When the saddle becomes literally a pain in the ass the SMP4Bike saddle saves the day with its ergonomic design that removes pressure from the groin area.


A one wheeled bicycle trailer by Maya. Takes up to 30kg of cargo and hooks up to the rear wheel axle with provided adapters and stays within the width of the rider.

Having the right handlebar type is important as it can affect your performance. There are the classic upright bars, or less conventional bullhorn ones, see what pleases you the most.

The stylish aluminum blockhead stem from cw&t is quoted the sturdiest stem you’ll ever meet. Doesn’t include comfort, weights half a kilo, but looks good!

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