The Woho saddle bag is basically a bag for your light. It has a special translucent reflective material inside that turns it into a lamp when you put your light in it (there’s none provided).

Woho Bike | via Urban Velo

Upgrade your aerodynamics with a smooth headset, get rid of those horrible wrench flats with the Chris King Threadless Headset. Also you get to create your own color combinations!

Designed by a cyclist for a cyclist the Relaj water bottle lets you drink and ride without having to tip your head backwards, remain aerodynamic and keep focus on the road.


Tools are heavy and cumbersome, but the Multi 19 Tool is light and packs a chainbreaker, hex and spoke wrenches, flathead screwdrivers and Torx T25 for disc brakes.

REI | via Matador Goods

Film your journey with the X170 Action Camera. It features video at 720 by 480 pixels, a 170° wide angle lens and an LCD screen to see what you are actually filming.

The Thudbuster is an adjustable seat suspension. Now you can get a smooth ride without the inconveniences of a regular suspension. You can even put your own saddle on it.


The Barbican Messenger is limited to 100 bags. It features the logos of the European Cycle Messenger Championship and the North American Cycle Couriers Championships.

The rugged Citizen Buckle messenger bag is made with watherproof outer shell, has seat-belt buckle, cross-chest load stabilizer and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The G-BOXX-2 is an enclosed 7 gear transmission for bicycles and can shift when not moving. Ideal for mountain biking and works with the Carbon Drive System belt drive.


When converting a bike to a fixed gear the rear hub will have all this unused space left, the spacer kits fill that empty space and VeloSolo has some pretty nice ones.


To safely transport your precious bike anywhere in the world the Aerotech Evolution bag has compartments for wheels and fixing belts for the frame. Suitable for frames up to 62cm.

Pass and Stow in makes clean, durable and universally fitting front racks capable of hauling anything your want. The design and construction depends on feedback from users.

Created by experienced messengers the Bagaboo Standard Messenger Bag comes in 4 sizes, waterproof and UV resistant material. Also there’s a lot of extra options available.


The Carbon Drive System replaces your chain with strong polyurethane belt. Maintenance free, lasts twice as long as a chain, but unfortunately accommodates only one gear.

The Sögreni bell looks very unconventional: consisting of a simple disc and nut on a spring attached to the stem. Available in stainless steel, copper, brass and zinc coated.

Already talked about the Session 700 tires from Fyxation have excellent credentials, the new Sessions also come in classic brown or black with whitewall. Available on October.

Dump the ugly universal plastic fenders, the stylish Fast Boy fenders are made of wood, on demand and to measure and don’t even need holes to be mounted.

Dovetail makes cute bicycle themed porcelain houseware, ideal for gifts: mugs, tumblers, plates, bowls and pitchers. All of them are hand made with top quality porcelain clay.


Now you can geek out on your bike, the keyboard bike grips made from soft Krayton rubber attach to your handlebars and come with plastic ends. Exist in all kinds of colors.

Practical for keeping stuff out of your pockets while you bike the bicycle bags from Hambone Designs come in 2 styles: the Velopocket and the Balzac which come in various colors.

Like the ergonomic saddle, the Ideal Saddle Modification seat aims to relieve pressure from the delicate area between your legs, making your long rides more comfortable.

ISM Seat

If you keep getting in near miss situations check out this Quickrelease video on how easy it is to attach a camera on your bike. Now you have proof in front of city council.

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