If you need to take stuff with you and don’t have/want a rack or have a bad back to carry a backpack the custom frame bags, by Epic Designs, use up the free space in your frame.

Bike pumps too cumbersome? The Atom pump is as small as 10cm and and delivers 100psi, or the bigger 15cm can go up to 160psi, but only after hours of pumping.

Stuck behind a deaf driver, here comes the Airzound bike horn: incredibly loud at 115db and features volume control. Best of all: no batteries required! Fills with any bicycle pump.

Delta Cycle | via Amazon

Ranging from small 3L Babycandy to the ridiculously large 20L Elephantitus the Brisbane courier bag accommodates everybody. Quality guaranteed of you’ll get a new one.

Created by former messengers wanting durable and stylish straps the Plemensco double toe clip straps are made with solid brass rivets and buckles and are available in 8 colors.

Adaptable to normal pedals the Strap Ons are highly adjustable yet without hardware or buckles while keeping a stiff construction. Available in black, white red and blue.

Works as a pannier and wears like a messenger the Bullitt Pannier Messenger removes the weight from your shoulder and puts it over the rear wheel. Available in brown and black.

The Veltop is a windscreen/roof for the bike, it goes over the rider’s head and protects from weather. Optional side panels cover the sides and it can be adapted to any type of bike.


At Burro you can order a customized messenger bag to your needs. You choose the size, fabric, shoulder slung side and plenty of options like a divider, compression straps and more.

Burro Bags

People needing statistics of their commute will be thrilled with the Panoram V12. It has a wide screen so you won’t keep switching between the 12 functions it has to offer.

Jango Bike | via Amazon

The Joyrider has only one LED and a microchip for timing to create a smiley face on the wheel using the strobe effect and the wheel spin. Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer.

The Swingline pannier is a continuous bag that will keep your tuxedo straight, with side pockets and a 15″ laptop sleeve. Made with waterproof materials to keep everything dry.


Made from African hair sheep leather the Grand Tour gloves resist wear extremely well thanks to the thin, but strong, sheep skin that has to cope with the heat and dry conditions.


The Cycloc, designed by Andrew Lang, is a very practical bike rack. The bike is held with its own weight, the bowl can be used to store the accessories and it has a hole for a lock.


An excellent idea for travelling people: a trailer that doubles as a bed/tent support. Basically take your home with you on bike, it’s lightweight and has a huge storage capacity.

The Chela bike trailer is like a small transportable room, featuring solar panels, GPS, integrated camping table and chair, multifunctional telescopic stand, rear lamp and more.

Saris makes a universal rack for bicycles for cars. Easy and quick installation and removal the Saris can be mounted to any car model and goes to the back instead of the roof.


Aurora makes handcrafted Velcro straps for road and track pedals using only high-quality fabrics for industrial use. Available in gray, black and turquoise.

Designed by Kai Malte Roever, the PUYL is a bicycle pump that doubles as an induction powered light (powered by you pumping the tires) with an ultra-bright LED bulb.

With a beast design the carbon fiber Ram 2 handlebars from Cinelli have integrated stem and look awesome. Available in Variable Radius Concept and anatomic drop, black and white.

Cinelli | via Bike Reviews

Properly designed saddle must be numbness proof and work with the cyclist, not against. The VFlow Plus saddle can help with its ventilation channel, memory foam and relief design.

Basically a computer for your bike the iRiver Mini features a 3.5 inch touchscreen, GPS and media playback. Currently only available in Korea we hope to upgrade our bikes soon.

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