Feel like hunting some bicycle thieves? The Spylamp GPS tracking device is disguised as a simple tail lamp using SMS messages to convey the bikes coordinates.

Have a secure lock, but no place to carry it? The Resistant U-Lock holster comes in high and low mount, in 5 colors and from Japan. Perfect for frequent stops.

Hand made with English waxed tartan cotton, lined with organic cotton and trimmed with US leather this 1800′s style Pony Express Messenger bag is retro.

Keep track of all your stats with Garmin Edge 705. Know you location, heart rate, cadence and power data and expand its functionality with a microSD card.


Beautifully machined ultra narrow handlebars with knurled grips, the street rods can be disassembled via simple bolts and come in various colors.

From the same people that brought you the colored Session 700 tires come the fresh BMX and Track grips. Featuring the same colors and diamond tread pattern as the tires.

Finally your bicycle can smile, the Kaostem is a chunky 5cm by 5cm, 241g aluminum face stem and will be available in spring 2010 in Japan.

Ceilings are usually empty and thus ideal place to store stuff. The ceiling-mounted bike lift allows you to hoist your bicycle under the ceiling freeing precious floor area.

By using a line and a ball Allay saddles explain a lot: instead of taking shocks or letting it completely loose you can opt to gently damp it… we’re talking about the crotch.

Designed with a central cut-out, the high quality Brooks Imperial saddle will prevent perineal pressure and will adapt to your ass like to was built for it. Also available for ladies.

Specially made for commuters the PathFinder is a wired or wireless bicycle computer that features an integrated 3 LED light so you won’t have to carry both all the time.


Keep one of these handy with a puncture repair kit and you’ll be unstoppable. The Poco bicycle pump features forged alloy lock lever, CNC machined head and a bamboo handle.

Continuously in production since 1989, the Timbuk2 makes customizable messenger bags. Choose your size, colors and fabrics on the three panels of the bag to make it truly yours.


We’ve already shown you a couple of iPhone bike mounts, now Dahon made a waterproof one so you can use it in any weather and even take videos of you have the 3GS model.

Dahon | via Bike Rumor

Strapping your feet is always a good idea on a bicycle, if you like wearing boots or have platform pedals you might consider the Power Grips straps that allow over sized shoes.

Power Grips

Straight from 1970 the old school bike speedometer will make the retrometer explode! It fits 26-27″ wheels, is attached with a cable to the front wheel and of course no batteries.

The Acorn roll bag mounts behind the saddle and keeps your tubes and tools away from pockets. Featuring water resistant materials, three pockets and leather mounting straps.

The iPhone can replace a high end bicycle computer, but without any means of fixing it’s useless, the GoRide mounts solidly the iPhone horizontally or vertically on your ride.


Highly extensible featuring internal frame and a breathable mesh backing for comfort, the Vandal backpack lets you carry the world on your shoulders. Available in 4 colors.

The Aerospoke is widely used in the fixie community, but other than looks its performance is also remarkable: highly durable and very light they can be used in any environment.


byeKyle offers adjustable Velcro straps that can be used in every imaginable way. Just give them your picture and check back to claim it if your picture is shown on their website.

What’s so special about these Cobra tubes? You can remove them without removing the whole wheel. It’s one tube with the valve on one end and the connecting hole on the other.

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