Ben Wilson was commissioned by Walk the Plank to create a mobile work of art and he made this four-wheeled recumbent cycle inspired by a child’s wooden toy car.

You’ve seen wooden bikes before, but never with wooden rims. Ghisallo makes them for tubular tires, different types include track, touring and racing reinforced according to use.

Mixing vintage parts and new components the Domenica looks smooth. Featuring a curved wooden handlebar and a coaster brake so no ugly dangling cables ruining the view.

The Embira (wood fiber) bicycle frame is made of plywood, its mission being reducing dependence non-renewable materials. Looks are kept clean with a coaster brake.

Woody bicycles have one of the simplest frame builds and look great. Made from hardwood materials like oak, ash, birch, purple heart and others on demand.

Woody Bicycles

Arndt Menke‘s diploma project, the Holzweg uses wooden tubes for its frame and makes use of wood properties to make a clever damping system built within the frame.

Another approach to wooden cycles, Xylon bikes makes very unconventional and cool bike frames. An artistic approach to something that has become way too standardized.

Dump the ugly universal plastic fenders, the stylish Fast Boy fenders are made of wood, on demand and to measure and don’t even need holes to be mounted.

Another fine example of handcrafted bicycle art. A little heavy at 20kg, it’s made of high frequency pressed layers of beech and ashwood with hard wood inlays. Made in Italy.

Boris Beauland made a wooden tricycle, a project that took him nearly a year. A true masterpiece and well documented too, made in his small underground garage (in French).

You’ve seen the bamboo bicycle, now a notch up is the hardwood bicycle by Renovo. Quoted as “rivals carbon-fiber” this isn’t just a pretty bike for the weekends, it delivers.

Renovo Bikes

This magnificent wooden bike, by Marcus Wallenberg Meyer, looks too good to be real. The frame seems to act as a shock absorber and it’s sold in limited edition.